Thursday, March 2, 2017

Di Na Atin - 6cyclemind ft. Karla Estrada (Lyric Video)

Composed by: Rye Sarmiento
Executive producer : Soupstar Music and 6cyclemind
Produced by: Rye Sarmiento
Performed by: 6cyclemind
Drums: Vic Aquino
Guitars : Rye Sarmiento and Herbert Hernandez
Synth and midi drums : Rye Sarmiento
Bass: Bob Cañamo
Vocals: Tutti Caringal and Karla Estrada
Drums recorded by: Shinji Tanaka @ kodama studio
Guitars, bass Synth and midi drums recorded by: Rye Sarmiento @ Backdoor studio
Vocal tracks recorded by: Hazel Pascua @ Soundcreation studio
Mixed and Master by: Willy Villa

Published by: Star Music and Soupstar Music

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