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BDYTLK - Jensen and The Flips (Official Music Video)

Here's the first music video of our new album.

Directed by: Mike E. Sandejas
Production: D5 Studio

Special thanks to:
Yellow Room Music Philippines
Felipe and Sons

"BDYTLK" lyrics:

Your eyes they talk to me, tryna tell me something
Your lips it weakens me, something off a TV screen
I'm screamin' inside, cant hold it back no more
We are going so far

Our heart beats racing
take my hand we'll double the fun
It's alright

Let that body talk

Tell me your secret babe, don't be a stranger oh come over here
A little bit closer,
Work your magic on, take me with that walk
Yeah I'm goin' crazy, you making me want you

Our heart beats racing
take my hand we'll double the fun
It's alright

Let that body talk

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Stay With Me - Jensen and The Flips (Live)

This is the band's last single off the Honeymoon Album. Shot live in Yellow Room Ortigas.

Special thanks to:
Monty Macalino
Honeydel Lopez
Yellow Room PH
Miguel Pablo
Francis Dayalo
Mika Ordonez
Magic Montano
Fitz Manto

"Stay With Me" lyrics:

You know what would be good?
If you come with me tonight
We can have some fun
Up until the sun, comes up

We gonna drink this bottle
Then imma put it on you
Looking in your eyes
Feeling up your thighs
I'm hypnotized

So would you like to stay with me tonight

I'll kiss you when you wake up
Make your bed and breakfast
I'll be the best you'll ever had I'll never let you down
And I will do anything to keep you smiling
Let the lightning strike me down if i'd be lying

And I know that it's too much right now to say
But i'll be saying it anyway

But I won't force it baby
I will let my guard down sugar
I will lay my cards now in front of you
And all im saying is true

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Slow - Jensen and The Flips (Official Music Video)

3rd single of Jensen and The Flips.

"Slow" is the first single off the Honeymoon album to be released this July 25, 2015 under Yellow Room Music Philippines.

Performed by Jensen and The Flips
Music Produced by Jensen Gomez and Carlo Lava
Recorded at The Yellow Room by Carlo Lava
Mixed and Mastered at The Yellow Room by Jensen Gomez and Carlo Lava

Music video by Jensen and The Flips performing "Slow" feat. James Muleta, Denise Parungao, and the StrongHoldMNL team.

James A. Muleta

Director of Photography:
Kyle Quismundo

Andrai Antonio

Production Manager:
Glenn Hu
Natalie Hu

Nicolette Marcelo

Production Assistants:
Valerie Jiongco
Jamaica Mae R. Paz
Anjelica Erin P. Vargas
Christine Joy S. MaƱago
Paola L. Bandoles
Katherine D. Talavera
Lizel Marie C. Gida
Agatha Joy A. Comia

Special thanks to:
-Monty Macalino, Dinggoy Laquindanum, and Honeydel Lopez of Yellow Room Music Philippines
-Tiny Corpuz
-Stronghold MNL


"Slow" lyrics:

[Verse 1]
I know I gotta take it slow
We are, we are, we are
So don't you worry about me
No rush, no rush, no rush

I like the way things are
I know you're just protecting your heart
So just wait a while and you'll see
That you girl were meant for me

And I don't see something that will take you from me
And we could be doing it passionately
But baby, baby we just gotta take it real

Slow (Gotta take it)
Slow (Gotta take it)
Slow, yeah

[Verse 2]
Touch me as I kiss your lips
You know I like it like that
Come on make me feel that heat
Let's make this thing worth while

Move a little bit closer (Closer)
Take me on whatever (Ever)
Swing a little higher (Higher)
Put me on forever (Ever)

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Borrowed - Jensen and The Flips (Director's Cut Music Video)

Produced by: Jensen and The Flips & HueBass
Directed by: Chloei Capili
Story and Concept:: Chloei Capili, Leigh Domingo, Quennie Ramos
Asst. Director: Quennie Ramos
DOP: Box Serblario
PD: Leigh Domingo
Art Direction: Kerstin Pinto
On set PM: Gelo Palpal-Latoc

Special Thanks to:
Rebelde Films
Para Sa Sining
The Yellow Room
MCA Music
Words Anonymous
Lloyd Oliver Corpuz
Gomez Family

Benedict Manaois
Marj Rojas
Abby Orbeta
Michelle Manese
Zuela Herrera
Jihad Mambuay
Louise Meets

"Borrowed" lyrics:

We can't stay here alone
We gotta move on
I know I hate it but it's time to be alone
To go our separate ways
Erase all our mistakes
Start over start over far away
Coz we can't be trapped
Inside this promise of us

Don't worry I'll gather your things
And take them to your place this evening
I wonder what your heart is feeling
I never thought that this love would bring

So much hurt so much sorrow
So much care that we can't give tomorrow
So much pride so much tears
So much feelings we can't seem to swallow
But loving you is worth all the time we borrowed

Please understand that
I can't let go that easy, no
All of the memories of us on the floor
As you walked out of my door

The weight on my chest and my heart just
Can't resty without you to love me no more
I guess it's better like this so I won't be
Bravin' all of our wars

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Borrowed by Jensen and The Flips (Teaser)

Borrowed Teaser #1

Not to ruin your Valentine's shenanigans but, here's a 15-second look on 'Borrowed'. #BorrowedMV #HueBass #ParaSaSining #RebeldeFilms #WordsAnonymous

Posted by Jensen and The Flips on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Borrowed Teaser #1

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Dangerous - Jensen and The Flips (Official Music Video)

4th single off the "Honeymoon" album under Yellow Room Music PH.

Directed by: Deej Fabian
Shot by: Jorel Lising
Model: Eriko Malabanan
Make-up Artist: Michelle Manese

Special Thanks to:

Pauline Dedel
Jasmine Curtis
Monty Macalino

#webeflippin #DangerousMV #YellowRoomPH #YellowStrong

"Dangerous" lyrics:

Not Available

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